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I went down to Florida in late March and became a Level 5 Certified Wright Balance Fitter.  Dr. David Wright conducted the seminar along with LPGA Tour winner Laurie Rinker.  Click here to learn more about Dr. Wright and his research. There are 3 core regions (lower, middle, and upper) and each region has 3 sub regions, as seen in the picture above.  By finding out your dominant core region, you can determine the proper stance width, grip, and club path for your swing.  My dominant core region is 4 which confirms my body is designed for a mid core golf swing.  To find your dominant core region, contact us today to setup your fitting.

(Photo Credit: Wright Balance Technology)

We are Adding to the Team!

My wife and I are anxiously awaiting our first child due on June 22nd, 2017!  We are very excited and appreciate all of the support we have received so far.  Due to slightly higher than normal fluid levels the doctors have scheduled an induction for June 15th.  Tentatively my last day teaching will be June 14th for a few weeks and I will resume at the beginning of July.  I will be responding to emails and phone calls as fast as possible.  Feel free to use text message as well.  Thank you in advance for your patience!






Sign your children up for Carolina Coastal Golf Instruction Golf Camp!

 Who: Boys and Girls ages 5-14

What: 4 days of fun and learning all about golf

When: July 18-21 9:00-12:00 daily* (Friday will last until approximately 1:00pm)

Where: Masonboro Golf Club

Other Details: $100 for the week includes daily instruction, golf balls, drinks and snacks, a commemorative tee shirt, tournament on Friday and an awards party immediately following the tournament.

Click HERE and fill out the needed information.  Completed forms with check may be turned in at Masonboro Golf Club or mailed to the following address

Golf Tip of the Month

Bunker Shots – Teaching club face control and how deep to go in the sand

When practicing your bunker shots, start outside the bunker.

1. Place a ball on a tee that is approximately driver height.

2. Practice taking full swings with an open club face and hitting the tee out/sliding the club under the golf ball without touching the golf ball.  Be sure to complete the swing, keeping the club face open the entire time.

3. Progressively lower the tee height until only 1 inch is sticking out of the ground.  You will find that you have to speed up the swing in order to miss the ball.  Once you can learn to slide the club under the ball without making contact with it, you are ready to move into the bunker.

4. Tee the ball up 1/2 inch above the sand in the bunker and practice making the same swing.  You need the speed to slide under the ball without making any club to ball contact.

5. Remove the tee and make the same swings, visualizing a tee in the sand and sliding the club underneath without directly hitting the ball.

For all of your Golf Instructional Needs please Contact: Kirk Baker PGA, RST at 919.770.6500 or kirk@carolinacoastalgolfinstruction.com.

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